Ref b.  Instructions?

Ref b. Instructions?

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Psalm 78 begins with a challenge for Gods people to listen. There is so much wanting our attention today and its not all the truth . Jesus is the way the truth and the life. We should ask ourselves are we listening to him? Because he has the instructions that lead to life. There is something about instructions… they come in steps. There is a temptation to  skip to the end, because we think we know what the finished product should look like ! At the end of each step you ask “what is next?” And with Gods instructions come all the bits – really good quality bits all designed perfectly to fit together step by step. Well thought through and no bits missing!

Because there is a building to be done and the lord is looking for those who will listen to his instructions. He who hears these words of mine will be like a wise man who builds his house upon a rock . The instructions given here are about standing in the coming bad whether. Yet unlike housebuilding all airfix projects of old were done with dad!

Hear, O Sons, the instruction of a father , and give attention that you may gain understanding  Proverbs 4v1


But psalm 78 is a biggy and too big to read to my kids at breakfast so I skipped to the end to verse 72!


So he shepherded  them according to the integrity of his heart, and guided them with his skilful hands.


It’s talking about David a type of Christ ( who’s name is love ). There is something about skilful hands- they deal in the detail. They know how to fit the tiny Airfix bit into the tiny hole. Or like a surgeon who I able to bring us through a life giving operation of the tiny valves of our heart.  It is the skilful hands of the good shepherd that will instruct us in these narrow tricky paths ahead.