Ref b He has made my feet like hinds feet.

Ref b He has made my feet like hinds feet.

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The Lord God is my strength, and he has made my feet like hinds feet, and makes me walk on my high places.   Habakkuk 3 v 19


What is it about the high places that’s worth a mention? Inhospitable, rugged and difficult, lonely and bad weather. The Lord enables the hind (deer) to walk in those places because he had made her feet! You may have seen nature programmes of goats running up down steep cliff faces or jumping agilely over rocky terrain. Its a feet thing, hard little hooves that grip on little edges. God made those feet, and Habakkuk testifies that God has made his feet like hinds feet to stand in the difficult place. It’s the fact that the Lord made these feet that is worth a look. What else did God make?  


For you alone O Lord makes me to dwell in safety.   Psalm4 v 8

He makes me lie down in green pastures.  Psalm 23 v 2

For you, O Lord have made me glad by what you have done. Psalm 92v 4


It’s the Lord who makes. Sometime getting rest, safety or being glad  are not something we can achieve ourselves. But the Lord offers to make them for us. Isn’t this the creator God we are talking about, the maker of the world? The one who spoke and the heavens were made? It matters how, and what and how fast things were made when we have a need and come to him for some making.


What about Jesus who makes the blind to see? He divides the crowd in John 9 and the now seeing man is thrown out of the synagogue and all its benefits because he has chosen to confess the creator Christ. For when else does Jesus take dust in his hands to create? Other than when he is forming man from the mud.  Genesis 2v7!

Difficult places and the need for God to make our feet able to stand may be closer than we think. But its our need to meet with the creator or even confess that “he is” that will give us the hope for a change in our situation in the days to come.