Ref b.  Fix your Hope on the living God.

Ref b. Fix your Hope on the living God.

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Available in A4 -    Produced for email distribution during covid lockdowns . Each picture is provided with a brief bible thought on the back. I have returned to these a number of times during tricky times and hope they will be a challenge and encouragement. 

 Fix your hope on the living God. 

Paul writes more than once in 1 Timothy about hope . 4 v 10 says … we have fixed our hope on the living God . 5 v 5 says ( the widow ) fixes her hope on God and continues ….and in 6 v 17 ( those with big bank accounts shouldn’t ) fix their hope on the uncertainty of riches .


It’s the fix bit that caught my eye. Actually in the Greek it’s doesn’t exist but is part of hope. To hope you have to fix. You might say ‘ you have  pinned your hopes’.  To fix in other bible verses means to stand firm . Like at the bus stop . Your’e not moving until the bus has come . Walking up and down the street shows you have no hope or confidence in the bus company ! Paul says fix your hope to the living God – He is not dead but living and a powerful saviour . The widow in 5 v5 has nothing left , nobody to offer her security. Naomi in the book of Ruth was a hopeless widow, telling Ruth to return home. In her self there was no hope,  but we know the story, God had great plan for Ruth and Naomi despite their lack and hopeless circumstances. Riches also have proven to be uncertain with the rise and fall of the markets. But the living God has a proven record of richly supplying ‘ us with all things to ‘enjoy’ !

Psalm 146 v 5 how blessed is he who’s help is the God of Jacob who’s hope is in the lord his God .

Jacob was one tricky guy ! With schemes and get rich quick plans that would have impressed any Del Boy Trotter! But God had great world changing plans for him. Despite his self inflated confidence. God met him at the brook of Jabbok and wrestling with him, changing the way he walked and his name ! We can fall into hopelessness when we look to ourselves for clever life plans. Better to realise quickly that any plans of man have a hopeless end. Always better to let the maker of heaven and earth overcome us and change us .  Psalm 31 v 24   Be strong and let your heart ( soul ) take courage all you who hope in the lord. To be strong is the Hebrew word’ Ames’  which could mean to hold, steadfast, harden ,establish, prevail and stronger . Sounds like an advert for glue or for some much needed super hope !